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2013.12.16 Monday



2013.07.06 Saturday

One Ball For All: Charity T Shirt Project


Good day everyone. Now that the Confederations Cup has come to an end with Brazil destroying Spain in the final, most teams in Europe have now started pre-season training to prepare for the coming season. There have been a particularly large number of managers switching clubs this year, but we are still kept waiting in anticipating for some of the big transfers this summer. 

ということで、本日はFELICE MONDOとJ-SPORTSがお送りする「FOOT!」がコラボし、企画したチャリティーTシャツを紹介したいと思います!アシュリー・ヤング選手や、ピータークラウチを含む11人のフットボーラーが賛同し、イラストレーターの内巻敦子さんがこの11人に松原良香を加えた12名を"One Ball For All"への思いを込め、イラストを描きました。 

So with not much going on in the transfer market, this week I'd like to shamelessly promote a T-shirt, and encourage you all to purchase it. To give you the details, my company Felice Mondo has collaborated with the Japanese football show「FOOT!」to create a charity T shirt. The illustrator behind the design, Atsuko Uchimaki (from FOOT!) has illustrated 12 footballers onto the shirt, including Ashley Young, and Peter Crouch who have all given their support towards the project.

(Pouting not included)

収益金は被災地の少年サッカーチームの千葉県で開催される「Astra ★ Cup」への招待及び、被災地の運動グラウンド整備支援に活用します。サイズは150・160・S・M・L・XLで、プライスは税込¥3,000となります。先行受付は既に終了しましたが、一般発売は7月中旬J Sports オンラインショップから注文できますので、皆さんご支援を宜しくお願いします!

The money raised through the T shirt sales will all go towards repairing the Kamiosabe no Sato sports ground destroyed by the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami and earthquake, and also used to invite Nakano FC, a football team from Sendai to compete in the Kisarazu Summer Cup this year. You can order the shirt (sizes: 150, 160, S, M, L, XL) from the J Sports online shop from mid July for ¥3,000. Thank you for your support!


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